For 2021
Its the Middle of the year and nearly the Longest day (21st June) and this is the first I’ve published anything, either I’m far too busy or maybe far too lazy !! Some may say the latter , but we all know , we start something and never seem to finish it.

Any way have loads in parts , full cars , ready to runs and more
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For Mike this is a Hobby to keep him sane (so he says)  from Howden, plus he can be contacted through Most Models Shops throughout Yorkshire and some further afield
Where Mike can Fix, Sell, Maintain, Make, Sell, New, Used, Vintage, Buy New, Old , Used, Vintage, plus Swap occasionally and generally give advice to customers on RC products, whether it be on the phone, text (WhatsApp), email or in person (2 Metres at all times)

Lipo’s are the main cause of problems at the moment people totally discharging them, because as we all know, no one reads the instructions!!!!. Or they get them wet or maybe even don’t look after them whilst being charged. Or maybe even expecting the chargers to know exactly what battery it is.
There are people who buy cars / models from the internet and have no idea at all.
However Mike is the Guru to help all.
We sell all over the UK and Worldwide.

Therefore he can cater for everyone and if we don’t have it in stock that day he can order it in.

About Mike

RC Cars and Models Service , Maintain, Repair, Sales, New, Used, Parts, Accessories, Swaps, Vintage, Help & Advice
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