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Well It has been a while since I last updated my site, Which I must do more regularily!!
I am Buying and Selling RC cars and other models, Nitro, Electric and Petrol, Old, New and Vintage. I mainly use the Auction Websites, but also venture to Club Pages Facebook, Twitter and other selling sites, Mainly the Free to use ones as these are better for my potential Customers.
All My Items are great value, some being fully restored to their former glory, others tidied up, while others are untouched due to thier rareity or condition.
I do Buy and sell parts too, plus will help with advice and my extensive knowledge of this amazing hobby.
We have contacts all over the world therefore we can supply most things.
Though we don’t have a shop where you could come and see, this means that are costs are relatively low, thus making the cost to you the customer smaller.
We always use where possible Royal mail posting, as we have found that other couriers and mailing service just not up to the job.
So if you want shut of an old or new RC Model Give me a shout.

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RC Cars and Models Service , Maintain, Repair, Sales, New, Used, Parts, Accessories, Swaps, Vintage, Help & Advice
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