I Want To Buy R/C

As the name suggests I do want to buy:

Old, New, Broken, Damaged, Parts, Bit, Pieces, Complete Vehicles, Wheels, Tyres, Axles, Bearings, Body-shells. You name it and I will more than likely buy.
This doesn’t mean that I give top prices, because as you will appreciate I have to make some money too! But I will give you a fair price, though in most cases I do pay for shipping.
Plus if what you want to sell me is in a poor state there are other costs involved for me too, such as repair, purchasing other parts etc.
I have a number of projects on the go from the 1980’s from Kyosho to Marui and Tamiya, Just To Name a Few. Therefore older parts and rare ones are always available,  just ask.
I even go for RC that you couldn’t buy in the UK so rare is rare for me and unusual too.
I will ship any where in the world as long as you pay for shipping (Unless otherwise stated)

I will BUY ANY MAKE and Most Models, I have been known to dabble in older ready built RC from Nikko (circa 1980’s) to other more inexpensive brands. However what you must appreciate is, I will only buy if there is a market for it and please don’t expect out of this world prices.

I also Sell on Commission too, though if your item is broken or damaged and you want top money then expect my commission to be higher to include fixing and parts etc.

Another way for you to make some extra money is:-
You Sell Your Model Rc car to me,
I tidy it up
I sell it
Then I give you a further 20% of the Final Selling Price
I buy at £30, then sell at £100, you get £20, therefore in total you receive £50 in total

You find It, I sell It and You get upto 20% of Selling Price, (all Depends on initial value of Rc item)