Lexan/Polycarb Repairs

Smashed up you RC Car/Boat/Plane recently and haven’t the money to buy a new Lexan body or part. Well don’t worry help is at hand from us here at Parting Company.

1. Go to your local DIY store.

2. Buy some Plaster Board Tape or Drywall Tape (Must be adhesive type & preferably paintable).

3. Clean the affected part of the Bodyshell/ Wing or Lexan part (warm Water is good).

4. Peel off the Tape and apply to the broken damaged area, making sure the area is clean and dry for maximun adhesion.

5. Leave for a few hours to make sure full adhesion and curing has taken place.

6. Now your Lexan/ Polycarbonate item is ready to paint or use.

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