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My family and I, from an early age have been interested in recreating cars, boats, trains, planes and automobiles etc, in the form of models both plastic, metal and much more.
Over the years we have all improved our skills, from making the simplest of plastic kits to modeller scenes and dioramas, to give the real impression when only small and to scale.

We offer Dinky & Other Classic Die-cast Toys, R/C car and Boat plus Model Kit Restorations and make up service. contact us At Reasonable Prices

All Rivavals are completed to the highest standrads around.

What you get is ;

  • Highest Quality Paint Finish
  • Zinc Undercoat where required
  • Parts Repaired or Replaced
  • Satin Finish as per Original
  • New Transfers
  • Clear Lacquer Coating to prevent Paint loss
  • New Boxes if Required
  • Matched RAL Coded Paint

So whether you are an individual or a shop, whether you are wanting an elaborate display or just something simple, or maybe a R/C car your relative has given you, told you stories about and now you want what they had all those years ago. What ever you want Parting Company will succeed you expectations

As you can see this particular R/C came to us in a very poor state, not surprising when you take in to consideration that it was originally constructed from a kit in the early 90’s (Schumacher Cougar MK1).


Here is what the above car looks like in its bare bones state, basically how it would have been in the box.

Obviously it would have been in a Fresh from the Factory state, in nice little plastic bags, with full instructions and part numbers.


One Month later of replacing repairing and restoring parts culminates in the near finished R/C Car.

Here you can see that it is very near completion with all the Radio gear positioned correctly as per manual, even the brushed motor has been stripped and tested.

All ready to go and wow does she fly. The car has undergone what any classic car restorer would do, a full strip down, replace, repair, test and run in of new parts. Plus it has a brand new old stock body and wing in the customers choice of colour. On this particular occasion we sourced the body from Canada, showing that we will do what ever it takes to make the customer 100% happy with the finished product

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