Well as you will already know by reading our other pages on this website.
We Do restorations of many items, toys and things dear to our hearts.

From Dinky & other Classic Diecasts to R/C cars and Boats.

Dinky toys are becoming an iconic brand to own, keep and invest in. Long have the days gone of putting your money safely and securely in the Bank and watching it grow. Now Classic & Iconic toys/models have become highly sort after and investable. On TV im sure you will have noticed the increasing amount of Salvage and Antiques programs that have appeared, making stars out of the normal person. Therefore Making your dreams reality and Enjoy the toys of your youth.

An auctioneer once said to me, “Forget putting your hard earned money in to a bank, buy some Dinky toys and watch you money grow a lot faster”, so with that I did and rest they say is history.

Therefore if you have Dinky’s up in your attic or gathering dust in a cabinet, send them to us for a full restoration. Bring them up to the standard they once were, when they left the factory in the last century.
If you want them personalized to you specs no problem, all we need is what you want in an email or accompanying letter with your model , wait a few weeks for our service and low and behold in the post to your door, your new but old Dinky now to take pride and place.

Before looks rather Rough to say the least! But look at it now From a wreck in to a Swan in a matter of weeks. The cost of the Toy was £7, then the paint & spares £15,
All the hard work in preparation, repairing, priming, final paint coat & transfers.



However Look at the Final Result!!!
I’m sure alot of you out there could do this too, however if you haven’t the time and would prefer someone else to do the hard work then contact us

To Buy this Dinky £50 +p+p

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