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Have you ever wanted to change the colour of your model (plastic) and found that you can’t easily buy a paint stripper for plastics?

Well i have an answer told to me by a friend in the trade.

Get yourself some Dettol ( the brown stuff)Paint Stipper for Plastics

1. Use a large enough container to be able to cover the item in water.

2. Fill container up with warm water.

3. Add about a cap full of Brown Liquid Dettol to the water, the water should go a milk sort of colour and you will notice the hospital odour.

4. Submurge your plastic item that needs stripping in the water/Dettol solution, leave over night or at most around 48 hours.

5. You will notice the paint either flakes off, washes off with water or rubs off with a clean rag.

As you will see from my bottle in the pictures I use this quite a bit.


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