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Well I am sure you all have seen the website and realise that we don’t just sell RC cars, but we also Sell them plus the parts too, we also love to give advice either via email or over the phone. There are many types of RC car out there from the very basic ones ready built that run straight out of the box, to the most advanced ones costing £1000’s. When in fact they are all relatively the same, they require batteries or fuel of some sort and they move on their own with input from us as their controllers.
If you have an old or obsolete model and require help assistance parts or anything else get in touch, fill out the form or ring or text me, even if you are the other side of the world i will help.
I recently help a young man with a rare and collectible RC car from europe, the part he wanted was a new spur gear.

Kyosho Zircon

Very rare

I spent over a month sourcing parts and information about his car. Though we didnt find the exact part, we did find an alternative replacement part at a low cost, so job done another happy customer. this car picture here is a Kyosho derivative from Europe known as Zircon, no longer in production but similar to 1/8 scale nitro here in the UK.
So if you have a basic model or advanced and it breaks or gets damaged, come to me and I will endeavour to fix it, supply parts to do so, service it, buy it or even sell it on your behalf.

Not only do we have htis website but we also advertise on all major auction sites, plus on all selling sites throughout the UK. Therefore we have great coverage and great revues

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