RC Rare Parts

Rare SparesOver a number of years (30+) making, running, crashing and fixing RC toys we have all accumilated a lot of spare parts, I am sure you are all the same.

Most of us either throw them away or like me keep them ” As they might come in handy, you never know”.
Therefore they will be either cluttering up your homes, sheds or garages, your wife, partner, folks or significant other have probably told you to get rid ASAP, or they will.
So thats where i come in, I will buy them for Real money and at a fair price to you.
Also you might be in need of rare or old parts, where again I can help as i have an extensive array of old, obsolete and rare parts just waiting to find new homes.
From Old Parma Electric Motors to parts for the Tamiya 4×4’s of the 1980’s, plus I have a variety of Nitro, Kyosho, Mardave, Thunder Tiger, Traxxas, HPi parts too.
Plastic parts, Wheels, Tyres, Old RC Equipment, Speed controllers, Screws, Washers, Body shells, Instruction Manuals, Original Boxes, you name it.
If there is something thatI don’t have I know people world wide who will keep stock or at the very least can get it

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